Welcome to Kinetic Bodyworks

Specialized in adept massage therapy practices producing effective biomechanic results.

We aim to:

> Produce and maintain a consistent skillset and methodology among our practitioners.
> Work within our scope of practice and licensing, and to ‘do no harm’.
> Develop an on-going, professional relationship with you; working together to determine the frequency of sessions, and befitting, comfortable approach necessary for each visit.
Educate you about your body mechanics and ways to self-maintain between sessions and lessen bodywork visits if appropriate.
Enhance your understanding of your muscular structure and function.
When necessary, refer you to our high-quality network of healthcare professionals.

Our methodology break down:


Using our thinking caps

Strong work ethic, core values and a passion for our craft

Big ole tool belt to address issues in more than one way

Continuing education

A Word from the Founder

Since first establishing my practice in 2003, it has been exciting to watch the expansion within the massage therapy profession. First, in the quantity of therapists now licensed but mostly the growing appeal to the general public to incorporate massage services into their lives.
My original mission to provide consistent, proficient services with the clients’ needs and expectations always the goal has not strayed at all. In fact, it has been an amazing 11 + years working with a selective clientele that has allowed me to foster a methodology that continues to elicit an evocative consumer experience. As a result of supply and demand, it has enabled another long-term goal to be fulfilled to offer exceptional Massage Therapist’s an appealing career choice representing Kinetic Bodyworks’ values and ideology.
It is my desire to continue to bridge a gap by fusing these two groups together offering clients dependable services among our ranks and the growing team of associates, an environment to flourish professionally and be a part of a culture of like-minded professionals.
Stay tuned as we broaden our concept with you always the focus and mostly, thank you for considering KB for your bodywork needs.
Cheryl Francisco LMT | MMP

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